Thermal Engitech Pvt. Ltd

COMBI Type Steam Boiler

Get access to highly efficient COMBI Type Steam Boiler made accessible by us. A unique design of the pre-furnace consists of lateral wall made of finned tube connected to the boiler body through headers.

Salient Features

  • Complete gas-tight construction.
  • Greater absorption of radiant heat.
  • Fast water circulation resulting in accelerated start up and better boiler response to load fluctuations.
  • Designed to give full load efficiency upto 80%.
  • Optional FBC System for Capacity above 5000 kg./hr. for Automatic Firing



1000 kg./hr. to 15000 kg./hr.


10 kg./cm2 to 21 kg./cm2


Coal / Wood / Lignite / Paddy Husk / Petcock / Saw Dust /Bagasse / Palm Oil Extracts / etc.