Thermal Engitech Pvt. Ltd

Solid Fuel Steam Boiler

We offer heavy duty Solid Fuel Steam Boiler in the market. It is a Smoke tube type system boiler with three pass fully wet back design, suitable for coal, wood, briquette, lignite, and growaste.

Salient Features

  • Factory-assembled horizontal package boiler.
  • Less site work & quick commissioning
  • Suitable for coal, wood & briquetted fuel.
  • Manual firing less complexity.
  • Large integral furnace minimum heat loss.
  • High turn-down ration.
  • End to end visibility of tubes.
  • Easy access for inspection & cleaning.
  • Quick and easy ash removal.
  • Low excess air burners, imported / indigenous.



Coal/Wood/Briquette/Lignite/Agrowaste Fired – 300 kg./hr. to 8000 kg./hr.


10 kg./cm2 to 21 kg./cm2